We are about:


Mission Statement

The Catholic Young Adults of Tulsa creates opportunities for Catholics to participate in the community. Through growing in our pillars of spiritual, social, service, and sports we serve the Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma through authentic Catholic encounter and strive to grow deeper in our imitation of Christ.

Our vision

Our vision is to build a culture of Catholic discipleship and community, inviting all who live in Eastern Oklahoma to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We will work to equip all the faithful in our parishes and institutions to evangelize the surrounding culture and to build the next generation of strong families who seek the call of God in our lives.

our pillars

Catholic Young Adults are grounded and held up on four pillars: Spiritual, Sports, Service, and Social.

Our Core Values

1. Encounter with Christ Himself

Through invitation into Scripture, Sacraments, and the Beauty of the Church, we value and encourage authentic encounters with Christ Himself.

2. Accompaniment/Community Centered on Christ

Facing outward, we seek to walk with others—to live life with others—in such a way that brings young adults into a community intentionally focused on Christ and an ever-deepening knowledge and love of Him.

3. Living Life for Christ Totally

In our Vocations, work, leisure, and relationships, we desire to commit ourselves entirely to Christ and His mission for us.